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Seeking more customers? See how simplified garden knowledge and inspiration can motivate them to walk in the door and BUY MORE. Here's how Tami Eilers can help.

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"I have been fortunate to work with Tami for many years on several design projects, and on each one she has come up with stunning design solutions.

Being a great designer is more than learning about different techniques. It's about personal creativity and sincere customer service, finding that special place that delights and inspires a customer. Tami has these skills and much more. I highly recommend her. "

-Chad M - owner Artful Exteriors. Naples, FL 


Tami Eilers has enhanced my home and garden through her expertise, extensive research and extraordinary good taste! First of all, she helped me find my home based on the beautiful setting and views. After helping me with interior design ideas we focused on the over-planted gardens. Oh my! What a beautiful new space to enjoy from inside and outside of my home in Naples. Thank you, Tami!

- Liz Rountree- Naples FL

"Tami has been God sent.
She has helped to transform my dwelling place into a real home, making it look attractive and at the same time so comfortable and homey.
With her knowledge, good taste and amazing green touch she accommodated my landscaping to look and feel exactly what I was aiming for.
Nothing better than coming home and enjoy the Beauty of my surroundings!"


-Nana M- Naples FL

My wife and I met Tami 14 years ago when she was recommended to us in Virginia Beach to help us renovate our yard.  I quickly learned that she has an eye for design that is refined and possesses the skill to tailor a yard based on your desired level of maintenance.  Even when I wasn't 100% sure about a few of her suggestions, they turned out to be amazing.  When we moved to another home 10 years later, she designed our new yard.  We installed it ourselves and  routinely receive compliments from our neighbors.

 I have yet to find someone as talented and knowledgeable.  She now lives 5 states away and continues to help me remotely. I highly recommend her for your projects. She is amazingly talented, and you will not be disappointed."


-Bobby P - Virginia Beach, VA

"Tami first advised me about my front yard: with advice on redesigning my front porch, re-painting my shutters and trim and then planting plants which set the house in an attractive setting true to the architectural style of the home. As the years went on, she advised me about  pruning times and sizes to maintain the proper scale with the house.

 For my next phase - I wanted an area in the backyard which would be called “Serenity Now”. ( a phrase that I heard  on the sitcom Seinfeld years ago) With her guidance and the addition of a hammock and shade plants the area went from desire to reality! 

 Over the years I have been enjoying my outdoor space and continue to impliment the principles and practices learned from Tami.   

 Looking forward to the blooms on my crêpe myrtle Catawba this month!"


-Steve J - Newport News, VA

"Tami has an amazing eye for enhancing natural beauty in the landscape.  Her knowledge of which plants to use to best complement the existing surroundings and which plants will thrive in various conditions is truly impressive!  We only had to provide her with a few photos and videos and some very basic information about our yard and she worked her magic to assist us as we transformed the front of our house from dull and boring to eye catching.

Now we are ready to put our house on the market."

-April B - Chantilly VA

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