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 Please include these items when shooting your video.


1.  Always Hold the screen sideways when filming

2.  Please film and speak slowly

3.  Slowly film the area from a distance including the house or backdrop and also film the area close up showing the existing plants, paving patterns etc.

4.  Remember to mention the direction the area faces such as North, South, East or West and show any existing trees and structures that may cast shade on the project area.  Indicating the number of hours of direct sunlight that the area receives is helpful.

5. Discuss any issues or desires as you film

6. Please mention your city and state

7.  If your project area has windows please indicate feet from ground to bottom of windows

8.  Be sure to call your local utility marking company prior to digging


Items to have on hand during phone consultation:

Garden hose

Tape Measure

3 colors of yarn or marking tape

Hedge pruners (optional)

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